Monday, January 9, 2012


Update June 2015: Thank you for all the love this blog has received! I wrote this right after my scholarship ended in 2011 with the intention of providing my perspective on this scholarship and I hope that it has benefited many. While I would love to answer all the questions posted on this blog, I am unfortunately too busy and very likely too outdated to provide good answers. Therefore I have added a forum component to this blog to provide a common space for questions and a space for many contributors to answer. Please use it wisely and courteously. :) Good luck to all who are applying!

I was awarded the 6-year ASEAN scholarship for the AY2006 intake. If you bothered doing the math, yes, as of 2011, I have just finished my scholarship tenure and am now in the lull of non-schooling, waiting to see which wave of life I will be catching next.

I create this blog with the hopes of sharing my experience as an ASEAN scholar mainly to parents and students who are thinking of applying for or accepting (in which case, congratulations!) this scholarship. But really, anyone and everyone is welcomed to the contents of this little domain parked in the corner of Bloggerland in Internetverse. The lack of blogs offering similar information about the scholarship despite its popularity have also spurred me on to write.

But please, do be forewarned that it has been six years since I took this step in life. I will not be held responsible for any wrong or outdated information that I may have deviously planted to weed out those who don't know Google. (Kidding! I'll try my best to give correct information. But of course, it is still your responsibility to check and double check your facts.)

Also, I am Malaysian. Much of what I write will be in reference to Malaysia. Terms and conditions of the scholarship as well as my experience may differ from country to country.

I have neatly arranged the topics I will be covering in cute little links you can click below. You can always return back to this post by clicking the "Introduction" label on the top right of the page. Have fun browsing!

Do drop a comment or two if you have any questions that have not been addressed in this blog. I will try my best to respond. Also, if you found this blog useful, pass it on to your friends! Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your dinner table, whatever. This world will be happier with a little sharing and caring!